Jan 17, 2012

A dehydrator

After much thinking and reading about its use, I finally made up my mind and put it on my wish list: a dehydrator. And I got it!! A modest one, for sure, but just what I needed to start making one of my all time favorite snacks: apple chips!

A friend of mine has been making them for years and every time I visited her she would put a giant glass jar full of apple chips right in front of me. They were so good I couldn't stop eating them, but the best part was she didn't mind at all if I ate the whole jar (which, for the records, I never did). She made them just perfect, so crispy they'd brake, not melt, in my mouth.
So I am very happy to be making my own now!

Right this moment I can hear the buzz of the dehydrator working in the kitchen and my mouth starts watering at the thought of the deliciousness I will be able to fish from the glass jar in front of me while studying.

I have only been dehydrating apples so far, but I can't wait to try these zucchini chips Summer makes. Shame I will have to wait until June to get fresh, local zucchini.
I am also super curious to try this vegetable broth powder, made with the vegetable parts that would normally be thrown out.
Sounds good, fun and eco-friendly, best combination if you ask me! 

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  1. Great job to get started with your blog..
    Go on like this, but listen to your uncle:
    He is old on paper, but young in his mind!