Jan 26, 2012

Lunch yesterday

Yesterday morning I went to the farmers market. I have to admit that I find shopping for good food or kitchen tools far more intriguing and satisfying than shopping for clothes or accessories. Again: I am obsessed with food.
As I was saying, I went to the farmers market, specifically to a stand where I buy all the vegetables that do not come to my table from my Grandparent's garden (I know I keep mentioning it, I guess I'll have to write a post about that someday). Back to the stand at the market. Almost all their products are local and they have no problems telling which ones aren't. I find this so respectable!
The vegetables they have are truly good. Perhaps not always eye-catching the way the vegetables and fruit in the store are, but they sure are so much better!
I always feel like buying everything! As soon as I get there I feel the excitement growing: what am I going to buy today? Yes, because, in addition to the things which are regularly on my list (carrots, fresh salad, fennels...), I buy what inspires me right when I see it. And yesterday it was spinach. Fresh, small-leaved, crunchy (and dirty - it took my one hour to get all the dirt away! But oh, was it worth it!) spinach.

Of course I had them for lunch: a bowl of raw spinach salad with scrambled eggs and buttered rye bread. So delicious!

Note: I know this egg looks terrible in the picture and even the taste wasn't the best ever. Since I am a big fan of eggs (good tasting ones) I will have to write about them sooner or later. Let me just say that, in my experience, a fairly good indicator of the egg quality is the color of the yolk: the more deep-orange are usually organic and taste better! But this is just what I have noticed, I didn't look for any scientific back up proof.

Have a good day!

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  1. Todo se ve FANTÁSTICO una comida estupenda!!!