Jan 23, 2012

Snow on the mountains and a broccoli soup

On Saturday morning I woke up to this landscape.

We have had almost no snow this winter so far and it was certainly a nice surprise to see the mountains dusted in this white powder. Snow on the mountains always reminds me of powdered sugar on a cake. See? I am obsessed with food!
And guess what? Snow made me feel like making the perfect winter food: soup! This week end it was broccoli soup, and there's an anecdote regarding its origin.

Years ago, when I was yet to become a fan of soups, I went to England with my parent's for a friend's wedding. The night we arrived in the small town near Manchester, we went out to find a pub where we could have dinner. It was already quite late, and most places had stopped serving dinner. So by the time we found a place I was really hungry. Surprisingly, the first thing that captured my attention was a broccoli soup with Stilton cheese. So I ordered it and now it is one of the most vivid food memories I have: it was so delicious.

Of course once we came home we wanted to make our own version of such soup. Our recipe changed and evolved during the years and we found out that the simpler we made it the better it turned out.
I like broccoli in many different ways: sauteed with garlic, chili pepper flakes and canned anchovies fillets, or just steamed and dressed with a lemon, olive oil, mustard and salt vinaigrette. But winter is the perfect season for soups and I can never have enough of them. So, inspired by Saturday snow, I made this super easy soup for Sunday lunch.

BROCCOLI SOUP (serves 3 or 4)

  • one large or two medium broccoli heads 
  • half a big red onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • salt and pepper
  • olive oil
  • 3 cups chicken broth
  • Stilton cheese or natural Gorgonzola cheese
Wash the broccoli and chop them into florets. Slice the onion and finely chop the garlic. 
Heat the olive oil in a pressure cooker (or the pot you are using), then add the onion and garlic. Let cook, stirring, for about two minutes. 
Add the broccoli and cook for another three minutes, always stirring. 
Add salt, pepper and broth. Close the lid and cook for 10 minutes in a pressure cooker or 20 in a regular pot.
When it's ready puree it and serve warm with crumbled Stilton cheese on top and some toasted baguette (which I didn't have this time).

Buon appetito! 


  1. Thank you Nessa! I actually think it is delicious. And also extremely easy!

  2. gorgeous photo! i wish i could wake up to a view like that. :)

  3. Yesterday evening I was reading your post, then I had a look out of the window... and it was snowing!
    Nice recipe, I must try it :)

  4. Forecasts say we'll get more snow this weekend, ler's hope so!