Feb 6, 2012

Summer from the freezer and fruit rolls for my birthday

Today it's my birthday. And G., my boyfriend, who is currently in NYC, sent me a beautiful dozen red roses... I feel like it's Valentine's Day already!! Aren't they gorgeous?!

It's February: days are getting longer, although not much warmer, in fact it's freezing outside. Spring is my least favorite season, but I am longing for it right now. I want to go for a walk and breath the smell of green grass, of trees full of blossoms and warming air. But I will have to be patient and wait until nature is ready to come back to life.

I wanted to make something special to celebrate my birthday, but didn't feel like baking. I wanted something summery, but it's February and we just got snow, and summer has never felt further away. Suddenly I remembered I had these strawberries in my freezer!

I have been wanting to make fruit rolls for months, but somehow I could never find the right time. Well, there could be no better time than my birthday to make this beautiful snack, that tastes like summer and leaves me perfectly content and gives me the patience to wait a few more months to smell and tastes fresh berries again!

I sort of followed this guidelines, but I had very few strawberries. I used a banana, a bit more than 1 cup o strawberries, juice from one lime and a teaspoon of honey. This is how they turned out (I know the color isn't very nice, but it was already dark outside when I took the picture, the taste was great anyway).

Next time I am going to try with kiwi and banana, but I can't wait to have fresh blueberries and apricots! 

Have a good day everyone! 

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