Apr 27, 2012

Book review: The dirty life

I bought some books lately. Well, I am always buying books to tell the truth. Novels, essays, classics I think I should read, biographies, sometimes poetry and occasionally cookbooks (which are those I love the most, but unfortunately are usually also the most expensive).
So, I was saying that I bought books lately. Some of the ones in the picture above I have read some not yet. The main topics of these books are food, health and sustainability, three things that are incredibly related. But the one book I am writing about today is The dirty life by Kristin Kimball (of whom you can read more about here).

It is indeed and extremely good story, very well written, in a way that made me cry and laugh, feel the dirt in my hands and taste the richness of milk still warm from the cow, which, by the way, I actually drank several times in my childhood and miss terribly nowadays.
The story told in The dirty life is one of radical change, not even of a desired one. It was one of those moments in life when things happen such as they require you to make a decision: Kristin left her New York life to build a farm with Mark. They have been managing and expanding their farm for almost ten years now and in the book Kristin tells the story of their first year of farming. It involves a lot of hard work, fights, satisfaction, love, patience, learning, beauty and so many other life filling experiences.
I personally felt like leaving everything behind to buy a piece of land and start farming myself. That's not likely to happen right now, but still I love that a book gave my such a feeling!

My grandparents have always had animales: I remember sheep, rabbits, pigs and chickens. Now that they are old they only have chickens - for eggs - but they still farm quite a bit of land and supply the family with excellent and organic fruits and vegetables. I have been thinking about helping them out to learn to grow a garden for a while now and perhaps that's one of the reasons I loved Kristin Kimball's book so much. Anyway, I really recommend The dirty life to anyone who likes to read, especially if you also love life in the open, good food and are excited to see even a humble pot of basil grow!

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  1. WOW, this was a charming story in so many ways. The love story is but a mere backdrop to the somehow 'enchanting' drudgery of working a farm. Many 'props' to this young woman for tackling this preposterously hard life and finding the joy in it. I loved every word of it.