Apr 23, 2012

A café in NYC

I have been absent for too long, I know. I didn't even cook much in the past month. One of the reasons is that I spent a little over two weeks in New York City, visiting G. I had the best time there, ate lots of great food - not always very healthy, but nonetheless delicious - did lots of food related shopping, which resulted in an extra-heavy suitcase and extra money to pay at the airport.
I loved everything about NYC, but I was particularly excited to go to Chelsea Market, the place is full of food of any sort and I would have liked to try everything. The same day I found the perfect café walking around Chelsea: it's called Haven's Kitchen and besides making a delicious coffee it is super cute inside and sells a selection of gourmet foods. What's more, they also organize recreational cooking classes there. Unfortunately I didn't have time to attend one, but I wish I did. Haven's Kitchen is one of the few food related places I took pictures of...

Haven's Kitchen
Haven's Kitchen - gourmet food selection

Haven's Kitchen - flowers and books on the table (can you think of any better combination?)

Haven's Kitchen - tea selection (my dad complained because I didn't bring him any...)

Haven's Kitchen - I think you understand why I had to buy that maple syrup
After all the walking and shopping I needed a rest, my arms needed a rest from carrying bags. So I sat down with an excellent coffee and took pictures of the place. After drinking my coffee I left the place, only to get back in after about two minutes and buy a bottle of maple syrup thinking "it's too cute not to be bought". I am so glad I bought it. Two reasons: it is indeed extremely cute, with a nice touch of home made style and it is also one of the very best maple syrup I have ever tried. Just perfect I'd say. 

I have tasted it on pancakes, in smoothies an with fruit and yogurt, which, by the way, I normally eat without sweeteners. But, again, this maple syrup is so good. 

As I already mentioned I did quite a lot of shopping in NY and there are couple of other things I would like to share with you. The first one is a great book, one you'd love if you a) are eco friendly and concerned with the way we are using up our planet's resources b) are fascinated by the idea of growing your own food/have positive memories of farming experiences c) love to read a book and love it even more if it somehow involves food d) all of the above. Any guess about what book I am talking about? If not, you'll find out in the next post! 

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  1. I'll keep this place in mind: it seems really nice!