Jun 29, 2012

Apricot tarts

I finally baked with apricots!

Sweet and juicy apricots aren't always easy to find. Some years are just bad years, and for someone like me, who strongly prefers to buy local products, this means I get close to eating no apricots on said bad years. Last week, though, I discovered that this summer is indeed my lucky one: the farmers market had great, local apricots. The first I bought disappeared so quickly I couldn't even think of baking something. But my mind had already started fantasizing about what dessert I could make with those apricots; I started browsing the internet for inspiration and finally settled on these Martha Stewart's apricot tarts. The recipe seamed easy enough and rather appetizing. So I bought more apricots, and during my lunch break from studying (it was a long one, but definitely worth it!) I baked the tarts.

To be honest, next time I would add a little more sugar to the dough; I also took the liberty to add some chopped pistachios after brushing with apricot jam. Some mint leaves would have looked good as well, but I didn't have any. 

They were very good, a little tart - though the buttery crust balanced the tartness out pretty well - and not too sweet, but I loved the aftertaste they left in my mouth! 

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