Jun 27, 2012


Summer is coming to its fullest and I am trying to soak up every bit of it without taking too much time away from my studies. I love that days are long, that we have fresh flowers on the table all the time, that chile peppers are slowly but steadily growing next to basil on my terrace (even though I had to spray them with a garlic infusion in an attempt to kill lice; still hoping it will work). I love that I got to pick the first raspberries in my grandmother's garden and that I made my very first strawberry lemonade (and loved it so much I can't wait to make it again).

For the past five years, summer has come and gone without me even noticing. I have spent them all mostly inside, studying for exams; by the time I had a few days off it was August and days were getting shorter and shorter. I always felt I had missed the best part of the season! This year, though, I am determined to set some time apart to just enjoy this months of light and heat and flip flops and great food. With friends of course.

Have a great summer!

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