Aug 19, 2012


I may have said this before, but it has been an unusually - and nicely - hot summer this year. Even now, that you can feel the season is coming to an end (days are indeed getting shorter!), temperatures do not drop and the best way to fight the heat is going up in the mountains and drinking lots of water.

Here is a brief update about my summer. This August I have been...

sailing in Greece with G. - who eventually came back from NYC - and our great friend Captain F.
Basil on the boat

A lighthouse in the Gulf of Volos

A small, cozy bay in the Gulf of Volos

neglecting my plants, which luckily someone else watered and which are now thriving.

The first chile pepper!!

brewing mint tea (with fresh mint I transplanted and added to my very small collection of herbs) and drying more mint for winter teas.

Fresh mint for teas

Drying mint
eating tons of tomatoes. Best way to enjoy them? Tomato slices over fresh bread with salt and olive oil. Plus a little basil or oregano!

cleaning a huge pile of red currants for jelly, only to end up with just a few small vases. But the result was awesome and I am resisting the temptation to eat it because I want to save it for winter mornings.

crazy enough to turn on the oven several times to bake pies, fruit rolls, tarts and - just today - meringues. Let's be serious, would you through away all those whites left over from assembling tart dough? Sure not!

I will come back soon with my plans for September and some late summer food! 

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