Sep 6, 2012

A few favorites to keep you until the next recipe

September is possibly my favorite month. If the weather is nice - which it is at the moment - it is just perfect. Days are warm and sunny, nights are cooler and the mountains start to show patches of red and orange among the evergreen trees. Life in town, after the absolute stillness and silence of August, slowly finds its way back into the school year routine. We have colors and tastes of autumn, but local strawberries, peaches, blueberries and summer vegetables still find their way onto the farmer's market stands. I love September.

To keep you busy until my next post (soon, with a recipe, I promise!), I thought I'd share a few inspiring blogs/recipes/readings...

  • This blog has been a favorite of mine since it started. I am not vegetarian nor vegan, but I often find inspiration from David and Louise's creative recipes. In fact this kvass is fermenting on my counter right now and I just finished the last bit of this bread today. 
  • I can't believe I didn't know about Nourished Kitchen until last week! I feel my thinking is so much alike that of the author! 
  • The research and projects of Jihyun Ryou, a Korean artist who is studying the best way to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for as long as it is possible without storing them in the fridge. Here you can see her work. And here is a short video in which she explains what she is doing. 
  • I recently re-discovered this blog and Hanna's stunning pictures.
  • On my list of things to cook are these snacks, this roasted chicken and these rice balls. 

Anything you are loving this September?

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