Sep 22, 2012



There are so many variety of fruits and vegetables out there that I don't think a lifetime will be enough to discover all of them. I love food, I love to find out and try new things. I am always so excited when a new variety of peaches or eggplants shows up at the farmer's market and I love when my Grandpa brings home from his garden something unusual. Every year, I have noticed, along with the regular vegetables, he plants something he has never planted before. He experiments. Once it was melons, which do not normally grow in our area, another time it was chile peppers, and this year apparently it was Cucuzza. Cucuzza, I have learned, it's a variety of squash that grows in Southern Italy. I must admit I had no idea it existed and at first I thought it was just a giant zucchini. But as my Spanish teacher always said "no te acostará sin saber una cosa más" (you will never go to bed without having learned something new). So true!

So my Grandparents sent me home last night with this giant Cucuzza squash for wich I am hoping to find a good (possibly tasty!) use. Any suggestion out there? 

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