Oct 11, 2012


Last Saturday we harvested grapes in G.'s uncle's vineyard. Harvest is quite a thing in the valley. Wines here are rather famous and, in addition to all the vineries, many families still grow their own vines and make their own wine. So, sunny October days are filled with the noise of slow tractors full of grapes, of families working and chatting in the vineyards, comparing harvests and predicting how the vine will turn out.

The weather Saturday morning was the best we could have hoped for. It was sunny and warm and the sky was clear and blue. Family and friends all gathered to work and spend time together.

There was lots of fantastic food,

Pizzoccheri, a typical dish, being made.

Serving Pizzoccheri

Pizza cooking in a real oven

family talking,

kids playing (and eating!),

sticky hands from grape juice,

chestnuts roasting,

people coming and going...

I am so grateful for these moments, when people get together and celebrate with their work the true meaning of love, family and friendship. It is so peaceful and heart filling to see small groups creating, once the job is done, just for the pleasure of being together and chatting and laughing and resting in the sun.

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