Oct 8, 2012

October beauty

It's been a very busy couple of week. I finished all my college exams on September 29th, which means that all I have to do now is write my thesis and then I'll graduate. It seems almost incredible! Then October started and I was so lucky to meet the sweetest girl, who was visiting G. They met in NYC and she came over to Europe and spent a few days with us. We showed her around our mountains and spent a day in Milan; since she loves food as much as I do there were also lots of delicious meals involved. We had very much fun together and I am so happy and honored to be friends with someone as special as she is!

When she left to continue her tour of Europe we had some very beautiful Fall days. I did quite some cooking because there were birthdays to be celebrated in my family, but the weather was so nice I felt like spending a little time in the mountains. So G. and I had an afternoon tea in the mountains where I spent most of my childhood summers.

Hazelnut and pear cake

There is no other time like October to enjoy the quiet and colors of the mountains. Life is so still and peaceful in this time of the year. A few cows and an occasional mushroom hunter are the only company you can hope to find and the silence and the light are quite overwhelming. I always wish I could freeze the moment and prolong it forever. I am thankful I can soak in such beauty every year, it makes me feel alive and connected to the whole universe and full of peace. 

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  1. Amazing photos and awesome "Joie de vivre"!
    Brilliant blog for a brilliant person!! hope to see you soon